NYC Records
"Twelve Pieces," Newest Title on NYC Records

be901fec-d350-458e-971b-d6dcaa5dcfdeNYC Records, Mike Mainieri’s independent recording label, has just released the new title, “Twelve Pieces.” Mike has teamed up with popular Dutch guitarist, Marnix Busstra to form Mike Mainieri/Marnix Busstra Quartet, which has garnered stellar reviews:


“You need guts to play really beautifully, and to create an ambience in which every note counts and every subtlety comes across. The Mike Mainieri/Marnix Busstra Quartet made the audience realize that one hardly ever gets to hear music played that way – for hours on end.” -Koen Schouten (de Volkskrant)


“Mainieri proves himself to be the perfect musician for Busstra’s intimate, imaginative compositions. Busstra, clearly influenced by John Scofield, demonstrates not only thathe’s an inspired, gifted improviser, but that it would have been a real shame if these twelve pieces wouldn’t have been heard by the rest of the world.” -HP/ De Tijd