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Mike Mainieri: Vibraphone
Warren Bernhardt: Keyboards
David Spinozza: Guitar
Tony Levin: Bass, Chapman Stick
Steve Gadd: Drums

L’Image is back! Mike Mainieri has reunited with all-stars Warren Bernhardt, Steve Gadd, Tony Levin, and David Spinozza from his White Elephant days (the late 60s and early 70s) to reform the group. L’Image was never recorded in its heyday, but in 2009 the group recorded a long-awaited album, entitled “2.0.”

L’Image originally included friends Mike Mainieri, Warren Bernhardt, Steve Gadd, and Tony Levin. They were all living in Woodstock at the time and decided to devote several months to developing the music. They rehearsed in Mainieri’s barn, which was converted into a studio, and played at the Joyous Lake (Woodstock), The Red Creek Inn (Rochester, New York: Gadd’s home), and New York City.

At a later date the quartet added guitarist David Spinozza, who also toured with the group.To much dismay of their worshippers, the group was short-lived. After and since, the members have played with each other in various groups and recordings, but finally L’Image has reunited.

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