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Mike Mainieri: Vibraphone

Mike Mainieri has compiled the first volume songbook of many of his most popular compositions. Included in the book are:

  • The condensed score or lead sheet for all songs
  • Bb parts
  • Individual rhythm section parts for select songs
  • A 2-CD set of previously unreleased and live recordings of the songs in the songbook (Every song is represented!)

*The Aleph (lead sheet/tenor/bass)
*Bullet Train (lead sheet/tenor)
*Buzz (lead sheet/tenor/trumpet)
*Dee Minor (lead sheet/tenor)
*Flying Colours (lead sheet/sop. sax)
*I’m Sorry (lead sheet/tenor)
*Islands (lead sheet/tenor/bass)
*L’Image (score/piano/synth/vibes/bass/drums)
*Love Play (score/piano/vibes/gutar/bass/drums)
*Oops (score/tenor/guitar/vibes/bass/drums)
*Plus One (lead sheet/tenor)
*Self-Portrait (lead sheet/tenor)
*Senegal Calling (lead sheet/tenor)
*Tee Bag (lead sheet/tenor)
*Trains (lead sheet/tenor)

$49.99 + s/h for the Songbook with 2-CD set
$20 + s/h for the Songbook without the 2-CD set

Currently available through email only: PLACE ORDER
(Please specify whether or not you would like the 2-CD set and your country. We will bill through PayPal.)

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