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Twelve Pieces Mike Mainieri/Marnix Busstra Quartet



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Mike Mainieri: Vibraphone
Marnix Busstra: Guitar, Bouzouki, Electric Sitar
Eric van der Westen: Double Bass
Pieter Bast: Drums

Mike joins Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra in “Twelve Pieces,” an intimate, imaginative set of compositions that is brutally honest! Here’s what the critics are saying: – Michael G. Nastos
“This is an excellent example of modern contemporary jazz music beholden to no vintage traditions, making its way on its own merits, which display a high degree of quality.”

Jazz Inside (magazine) – Cathy Gruenfelder
“The group you hear on this album and the compositions they play through are world-class. This is music for music’s sake and you can hear that they are coming from a deep and humble place, even when they have fun, which they often do. 12 Pieces is a hit, and I look forward to 12 more!” – Ken Franckling
“It is a stunning session in which the vibes and guitar blend and offset each other to create a wonderful sonic energy.”

Buffalo News – Jeff Simon
“To say that Marnix Busstra is a superb guitar player from the Netherlands is only a tiny fraction of the story… Mainieri couldn’t sound happier to be in his company, both as player and composer.” – John Kelman
“…may reflect both vibraphonist Mainieri’s significant involvement and his larger cachet, but Twelve Pieces remains a compelling look at this Netherlands-based guitarist. Less known on this side of the Atlantic, on the strength of this, his seventh release as a leader since 1995, Busstra certainly deserves a broader international audience.” – Chris Spector
“…Mainieri takes it to the next level of the game hooking up with a Dutch crew that believes in ‘less is more’ and taking it over the top with music that will haunt you long after you pop it out of the player…” – Ralph A. Miriello
“Busstra’s light and airy fingering is delicate and emotional.” – Jerry D’Souza
“The first meeting between vibraphonist Mike Mainieri and guitarist Marnix Busstra took place when Mainieri played on one of Busstra’s earlier recordings. This led to a tour during which they looked at extending that musical relationship. One aspect would be different; they would collaborate in an acoustic setting, away from the electric projects they were currently involved in. From that seed of thought sprung this highly inventive recording. Each of the twelve pieces is a revelation in terms of development, harmony and resolution.”

Quote about a live-performance:

Volkskrant – Koen Schouten
‘…You need guts to play really beautifully, and to create an ambience in which every note counts and every subtlety comes across. The Mike Mainierei/Marnix Busstra Quartet made the audience realize that one hardly ever gets to hear music played that way – for hours on end.

More quotes:

“Each of the twelve pieces is a revelation in terms of development, harmony and resolution.”

“Mainieri and Busstra complement each other perfectly.”

“Mainieri has honed his craft to a fine skill, bringing a distinct flair to his music with an unerring sense of melody and a sharp tack for direction.”

“Busstra is a constant wheel of invention, with technique expanded by his creative urge to find something new, an evolving state that adds immeasurably to his art.”

“Mainieri and Busstra play with caring intimacy, letting the melody unfold and caress with deep lyricism.”

“The remaining music is beautifully enunciated as well. It matters not whether the blues snap in, or a Spanish breeze wafts across; the effect of this recording is riveting.”

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